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Admissions Overview

Our goal with admissions at Carleton College International School is to discover the amazing talent that exists in our community and to welcome students and parents that would like to join us from abroad. We have an inclusive policy and all candidates are welcome to apply for a place at CCIS regardless of race, religion, gender, or nationality.

The process is designed to help us determine the candidate’s ability to manage the curricular programmes we have in place, and suitability of the parents of the candidate to be part of our wonderful community.

Below are the steps of the admissions process:

1. Application:  This must be filled on paper or online. All sections of the application must be completed and should include full details of parent contact details, previous schools of the candidates, and any medical considerations.

2. Tour & mini orientation:  The school tour and orientation is a chance for you to see what CCIS is all about and to ask some general questions about the school, our culture, and how we teach and learn.

3. Assessment:  All candidates must be assessed. Assessment is two parts and both are usually completed on the same day. Pre-K to KG candidates are assessed primarily for motor skills, social and emotional intelligence, and communication skills. Elementary candidates will take a written assessment in numeracy and language, as well as an interview with the school counsellor. Middle school (Grade 6+) and older candidates will take a written assessment in numeracy and language, as well as an interview with the school counsellor. Candidates rejected following the assessment will not be invited to continue the process.

4. Parent/Student Interview:  Parents of all candidates must have a parent interview with the Academic Director. The interview usually lasts between 15 to 30 minutes. For Middle School (Grade 6+) candidates, a student interview also takes place before the parent interview but on the same day. The interview is important and carries equal weight to the assessment. Candidates rejected following interview, will not be invited to continue to the process.

5. Results:  Candidates will be informed of the result of the admissions process (assessment and interview) by the Admissions Team.

6. Payment:  Once accepted, applicants have 10 working days with which to make payment of registration and first tuition fees to secure the place offered.

7. Documents:  Any remining documents must be submitted within 10 days of an offer. These include 6 x photos, birth certificates of candidates, parent National ID copy, and for local school transfers, the transfer papers.


2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR