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Welcome to Carleton College International School, an Authorised K-12 IB and American World School purpose built for 21st Century Conceptual Learning here in Shorouq City, Cairo, Egypt. We are currently accepting applications for Pre-K to Grade 9 for the Academic Year 2023/2024.

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Design, Engineer, Construct (DEC)

Carleton College is proud to announce that we will be true first school in the country running the Design, Engineer, Construct (DEC) curriculum courses from Grade 6 to Grade 9 in the coming year as part of our MYP aligned Design subject. The DEC is a British programme which focuses on the built environment. Construction, engineering and design are some of the most sought after careers in Egypt today. DEC Awards are small projects that immerse children and young people in the exciting world of the Built Environment – they learn to design, engineer and construct a range of buildings and structures, from restaurants, hotels and live music venues, to riverside facilities, village schools in Uganda and even their own ‘Centre for Our Planet’ to teach young people about climate change. Fully supported STEM/STEAM projects DEC Awards can be used in a variety of ways. They’re perfect for use in school clubs and other STEM enrichment activities, during term time or in the holidays!
Saturday, 26 August 2022

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Carleton is part of the ACE Umbrella of schools and together with our sister IB schools is known for their rigorous academic programs and focus on developing well-rounded students.

The IB program emphasizes critical thinking, intercultural understanding, and a global perspective, which can be beneficial for students as they prepare for higher education and the workforce.

We place a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities and community service during school, providing students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and give back to their communities.

We also place strong emphasis on identity and protecting the traditions, language, and culture of our beloved country, Egypt, whilst learning to appreciate other cultures and places. With both character education and counselling departments, we don’t just teach young people, we raise them.

Students Say

The school is beautiful, I share with my friends and play with them.
PYP student

Lara Mamdouh

PYP Student
I llike that I learn in the school. I don’t want to go to another school because everyone is nice and the teachers help us. Everyone is caring and play with me!

PYP student

Leila Aref

PYP Student

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Enrollments are now open for the 2023-2024 School Year