School Curriculum

The PYP emphasizes the importance of students making connections between their experience and the incremental pieces of new information they encounter. The programme supports the students’ struggles to gain understanding of the world and to learn to function comfortably within it, to move from not knowing to knowing, to identifying what is real and what is not real, to acknowledging what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. To do this, the students must integrate a great deal of information and apply this accumulation of knowledge in a cohesive and effective way. The subject-specific bodies of knowledge, together with the transdisciplinary themes, provide a comprehensive, well-balanced curriculum that requires students to reflect on their roles and responsibilities and to participate fully in the learning process. The concept-driven nature of the PYP—both transdisciplinary and subject based—helps the teacher to make the classroom a stimulating and provocative place, where the student’s point of view, supported by knowledge, skill, reflection and understanding, is both valued and made useful.

School Admission

Your path to a collaborative, inclusive, progressive education begins here. The resources below will help you navigate the application process so that you can begin to imagine yourself on campus.

Why IB?

At CCIS, we start preparing our students to be university ready from the moment they step foot into High School.

Student Care and Support

We are here to provide support to our students to ensure they are safe and prepared for the future.

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