Latest Past Events

Port Said

Carleton College Khairy Samra St., El Shorouk City

Not all trips are connected to the academic curriculum. We also plan field trips that help students build and maintain their social relationships by exploring new places and activities. With so much access to global attitudes and cultures, it is important that our learners have a chance to learn the ethics and values of family, respect, good behaviour, and manners. What better than to do this in a fun weekend getaway, where students can learn to be responsible for themselves.

Pharonic Village

Carleton College Khairy Samra St., El Shorouk City

Under the theme of " Where we are in place & time" PYP4 (Grade 1) learners enjoyed their trip to the Pharonic Village. They learned that studying ancient history allows them to understand where we have come from and to contemplate why we are here.

Family Day

PYP1 (Pre-K) took the chance to share their learning and class routines with their parents. We were all so proud of them, but more improtantly, our learners were so proud of themselves and showed off their new skills & understandings.

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